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Clothlete Hook & Grommet Microfiber Golf Bag Towel 2 Pack

Clothlete Hook & Grommet Microfiber Golf Bag Towel 2 Pack

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About this item

Includes 1 DTF imprint per towel 

  • LIGHTWEIGHT - The microfiber waffle-weave material is lightweight and non-bulky even when damp.
  • EASY ATTACHMENT - Each Towel has a Hook and Grommet to easily attach to your golf bag.
  • PERFECT SIZE & SHAPE - The pre-folded towel and wedge shape design means that the towel is larger (at the end) where you will use it, and smaller at the top (where it connects to your bag), so that you are not carrying extra towel material, that you will not be using.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT & CLEANING - The premium microfiber waffle waffle weave material is super absorbent, with amazing cleaning ability. Use one dry, to clean your hands and grips, and use another damp to clean your wedges, irons, and woods.

    These wedge shaped waffle weave microfiber golf towels a designed to be lightweight and easily attached to your golf bag. Each towel is constructed with a fold and grommet with a simple metal hook that attaches to your bag. The working end of the towel is wider than the top, so that you aren't carrying more towel than necessary. The highly absorbent and lightweight microfiber material cleans your clubs, grips and hands, without picking up and holding onto large debris like grass and leaves. 

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